Happy Towns

The Countries that score highest on the World Happiness index all have one thing in common- they understand the importance of human connections, social support and a feeling that others are looking out for their wellbeing  Danish windfarms, Icelandic Geothermal heating all contributes positively to the population and to the environment. Norwegian Prison rehabilitation programmes and the understanding that everyone plays a part in society and should be allowed to contribute positively to their community. Immigration integration policies in Finland and Sweden allow everyone to have a say and contribute to society positively on some level.

Understanding that we live on a planet with finite resources in a world where we practice infinite consumption only leads to deep rooted unhappiness as we look for that temporary hedonic thrill.  We are beginning to realise the value of slowing down our lives and returning to a world that has the people, the community and the land that feeds it at the core of it’s interest.

Activities that promote happier Communities

  • Enabling more street furniture and pedestrianisation of certain parts of town

  • Creation of social green areas with productive plants or trees

  • Conservation and promotion of the value of local cultural events

  • Effective cycle paths connected to local buildings

  • Integration of Disabled people and improved disabled access

  • Creation of spaces for the commercialisation of local products

Activities that promote happier Communities

  • Reduction of public light pollution

  • Public energy production from renewable resources

  • Development of agro ecology

  • Using traffic measures to make towns easier to navigate safely

  • Preserving and valuing the presence of historical architecture and buildings in a town

  • Monitoring and the reduction of pollutants in the living area